Frequently asked questions

quick answers to our most common and popular questions.

Do we need to purchase the community software for our individual use?

No, We do not sell the software. Aavaasvillage is a cloud-based secure society management solution and it is available as SAAS (Software as a Service) services.

Is our community data safe and secured ?
Data security is a very high priority at aavaasvillage. We regularly increase our security standards to ensure that we meet the security requirements.We uses a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, the same technology used by banks and financial institutions, to ensure that all communications between your browser and our web site are secure. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. In addition, aavaasvillage uses the strict user role based access control – the information is only visible to the society member based on the role of the user. Only Admin has the privilege to view all the information related to the society.
What infrastructure will we need to utilize the online services ?
All you will require a computer, an internet connection, a printer and/or a scanner and any of the freely available browsers. Our application is optimized for Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Fire Fox browsers.
Our community is small, we doesn't want to invest in computers ?
We are providing all the services using our infrastructure. The data is stored in cloud. You can view the data from any computer or mobile devices.
How are we different from others ?
If Society has no time to Input data in System – Our expert team will help out to reach at your convenient time and upload data on your behalf on Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly (All you need is to scribble on the template papers provided by us ). Our Main aim is to make our members use our application and enjoy the benefits of aavaasvillage.
How do I get started with Aavaasvillage ?
You can signup yourself and create account for your society.Once you created a account, you will be placed in basic plan. if you need to upgrade your plan , please reach to us by chat or at shoutout@aavaasvillage.com.
Does complete accounting package comes in the Blossom (Free) plan ?
No, only basic account is available in Blossom (Free) plan.
Does the Blossom (Free) plan cover all features of AavaasVillage ?
No, feature are based on subcription plans.
Is support chargeable? What type of support is offered to our members and committee ?
No, we aren't charge any amount for support.We support through email and chat.
Once I setup an account, can I reach somebody if I have any questions? ?
Our support team will help you, how to use the system and will guide you for any query you have.
Do you have a mobile App ?
Yes, currently we have mobile app for gatekeeper. very soon will get an app for all resident.
Can we able to pay maintenance fees through aavaasvillage ?
Yes, you can access aavaasvillage help center anytime. If you are unable to find your answer in our help center, please contact our support team at shoutout@aavaasvillage.com.
Can we make a feature request ?
Yes, you can make feature request in shoutout@aavaasvillage.com.